Yella Beezy At The Top Of His Game

Simultaneously street and country with an elastic, no-nonsense flow, Yella Beezy represents the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. Active since the early 2010s, he has released several mixtapes, including Lil Yella Mane (2012), Country Rap Tunes (2015), Lite Work (2015.) Start of his breakout buzz became after hit single "Trap In Designer, (2017) Broke Nights Rich Days. (also 2017) The second volume of Lite Work featured his biggest hit "That's on Me," a track with a video viewed well over four million times within four months of release. Beezy's momentum continued with the March 2018 upload of an official clip for the Lil Baby collaboration "Up One," another track off Lite Work, Vol. 2. Its views exceeded 1.5 million in less than a week. Before rapper Mo3 was at top of Dallas artist list but after record breaking numbers Yella Beezy is now Dallas top artist continuing to work with artist like Money Bag Yo and many more.

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