Hernandez Lawyer : "Here’s a man who happened to be gay who loved a woman,”

The Highly Profiled case of former NFL star Arron Hernandez who commit suicide in his cell after being found not guilty on one of the murder charges he was indicted on. In June 26, 2013 Hernandez arrested at his North Attleboro home, charged with murder of Odin Lloyd. Patriots release him. Hernandez would later be convicted and sentenced to life in prison with out the possibility of parole. In Sunday’s second installment of “Aaron Hernandez Uncovered,” Hernandez’s attorneys said their client was “very concerned” that his sexuality might be discussed in court.ADVERTISING“His biggest concern about his sexuality was how it would impact [Hernandez’s fiancee] Shayanna [Jenkins] and somehow diminish — in her eyes — the tremendous love that he felt for her. Here’s a man who happened to be gay who loved a woman,” attorney George Leontiresaid in “Aaron Hernandez Uncovered.”

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